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SolutionPoint+ Xfactor Mental Wellness & Resiliency

Participants learn what positive psychology is, how it influences human behavior and how it develops mental wellness. We believe all individual behavior starts in the mind. Participants will learn how to foster positive thoughts to influence positive emotions and thus, increase desired behavior. Personal accountability and self-awareness are discussed heavily. The Xfactor of our training is where we help participants fully understand why they behave and perform the way they do. Additionally, participants will learn the consequences of negative thinking, negative emotions and negative behaviors. Most importantly, the course provides a vital introduction into first responder crisis interventions. Overall, the course teaches participants how to develop into a more effective, resilient and emotionally intelligent first responder.

SolutionPoint+ Xfactor Mental Wellness & Resiliency Trainings

Date Region Location City
March 21 – March 22, 2024 TBD Ames

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