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SolutionPoint+ Advanced De-escalation Training

This 24-hour course is designed only for community members. On day one, participants learn advanced verbal communication skills and the various ways to respond to a person experiencing a behavioral crisis. Participants then learn the dynamics of serious mental illness and the complex social problem of suicide on day two. On day three, we provide a screening of the Emmy award-winning HBO documentary “Ernie and Joe: Crisis Cops.” Participants then learn to look at their own mental wellness as a way to guide their responses in all human interactions. Day three is completed when participants pass a practical application assessment. Throughout the week, scenario-based training is utilized to develop the skills of the participants.

SolutionPoint+ Advanced De-escalation Training Trainings

Date Region Location City
July 22 – July 24, 2024 HICS Region Adel
August 19 – August 21, 2024 Southwest Iowa MHDS Region Council Bluffs
October 09 – October 11, 2024 Central Iowa Community Services TBD
January 15 – January 17, 2025 CCNIA TBD
March 19 – March 21, 2025 County Social Services TBD
May 14 – May 16, 2025 MHDS of the East Central Region TBD

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The region will be in contact with the applicant with further detail regarding the training. Applicant may need to provide additional information such as a license number and social security number. Lastly, lodging will be handled by the applicant.